The carpets dreing is an important process.The raw material of dreing the ancient carpet is plant and minerals.The way of making dyestuff is different. One way is to put the plant into the boiler to boil.After boiling with hot water, the pigment of plant is melted into the water and this is the dyestuff finished. Some plant dyestuff can not be boiled in the water to make, such as making indigo blue,this way is to put the ripe indigo plant leaf into the jar to soak.
After several day’s ferment, squeeze the leafts and put proper quantity of lime into the liquid, then mix, deposit and filter.The blue liquid flown out is indigo blue. The auxiliary materials shall be put onto the plant dyestuff, such as white alum, freen alum, straw ash and vinegar, et. The auxiliary materials have the functions of variegation and stabilization.The making of mineral dyestuff shall use medium and the main medium is rauvite and ethylic acid.
The traditional handicraft tufted carpet of China include two kinds of crafts.One is Hotan style including Xinjiang, northwestern areas carpet crafts.The other is Tibet carpet pole pulling methos.
In tibetan Buddhism temple, the cripture hall is the most important amd the biggest building.In order to provide Lma the convenient place to chant scripture,one long mat is arranged in the hall and the long Buddhist carpet is put on the mat. The pattern contents of the carpet are connected with the Buddhism. The carpet has the functions of practicability and ornamental.
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